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What you need to get in

In addition to your picnic

You’ll need the following to gain entry into Eid at the Castle and will need to be ready to show them at the entrance when asked:


Your ticket. It will look like this...

Sample Ticket.PNG


Your photo ID (Passport, Photocard Driving Licence, Approved Workplace ID)...


Your text or email that says you’ve had a negative COVID (PCR) test on or after 8th or 9th May. It will look like this...

PCR Email Result.PNG


The code/email/text you received when you uploaded your negative rapid COVID (LFT) test result to the UK Government website. It will look like this...

  • If you turn up without proof of a negative COVID test (PCR) and negative rapid COVID test (LFT) you won’t be allowed to enter the event.

If you’ve had a positive COVID (PCR) test within the last 90 days, and no longer need to self-isolate, you don’t need to take another PCR or LFT test. However, you’ll still need to show the text with your positive result to enter the event.


Face Covering. You will need to wear this on arrival and whenever you are moving around at the event. You can remove it during prayers or while seated socially distanced during the picnic.


Prayer Mat. You will need to bring your own prayer mat. Remember if it has been raining the grass may be wet in the Castle.

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